Roscommon Lamb Festival April 26 - 01 May 2017

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Roscommon Limestone Ewe and Lamb

Roscommon Limestone Ewe and Lamb

A life-sized sculpture of a Roscommon ewe and lamb is being commissioned to celebrate the Roscommon Lamb festival the tenth anniversary. Local craftsman Mark Feeley is currently busy carving this sculpture out of a four-and-a-half-ton block of Lecarrow limestone. The block he is working on "rings" sweetly when struck with a sledgehammer which means it has no flaws or cracks and is thus perfect for carving. This sculpture will be erected in Roscommon town as a permanent reminder of the importance of the sheep industry to our county. Limestone is the bedrock under much of the soil in Co Roscommon and is one of the factors which contribute to the high quality of our farm produce.

The photo shows Mark Feely using a stone chainsaw, the chains for which cost 500.00 each. The final sculpture will feature a lamb at the front of the ewe. We expect to unveil the sculpture at the special sheep sale at Roscommon Mart which opens the festival on 26th April this year. We are planning to erect the sculpture in the square in Roscommon for permanent display.

We are aiming to raise €5000. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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